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51 GMC back half cool video link as well

 Here is a cool video link from april 29 2011  This Truck  is really neat and its fast . Its an all steel stock body weighs about 3700 lbs we did a back half and rearend several years ago for the street but the truck has now progressed to Race only . Its powered by a 565 chevy with 18 deg heads Engine makes about 1080 hp . It has a race turbo 400 trans a sheet metal 9″ rear with 40 spline axles and 4.56 Gears we are going to add nitrous to the truck now but just a small shot to hit the 8.50 mark truck has run 9.0s at 149 mph on just the engine . We are legal to 8.50s so a little Nos should get us there . The owner of the truck likes the  sleeper look hence the Original paint and the truck is actually registered as a farm vehicle .


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